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Fractured relationships are those that are broken or frozen or where you walk on eggshells. I am specifically referring to relationships that get fractured when politics intrudes into our personal lives.

Examples of this are neighbors who no longer talk, people who block old friends of theirs on facebook because they get so upset when they read their posts, and relatives who are difficult to face at Thanksgiving dinner. Some relationships are totally broken, like the mother and daughter I read about on facebook who aren’t talking at all, after the daughter asked the mother to not vote for President Trump. The mother ridiculed the daughter’s reasoning and cut off all contact and got “support” for that from the facebook group.  Then, there are the parents who don’t know what to do because they want their kids to be with the grandparents, but the grandparents aren’t being as careful about COVID-19 as the parents desire.    

The key to these relationship breakdowns is that we don’t know what to do. We’ve used the normal tools and they don’t work. The typical advice isn’t helpful. We need new tools, new ideas.

Each newsletter will tell the story of a fractured relationship and include suggestions on how the relationship might be healed. It will also explain some of the ideas behind the suggestions. Those suggestions have been created by me, Karen Tibbals, based on the lots of different types of experts- anthropologists, psychologists, hostage negotiators, historians, cult deprogrammers, and so on. Until now, these haven’t been made available to everyday people in an easy to use method, that can be used in interpersonal conflicts.

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