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Thanks Karen for another useful post. Happily I don't spend enough time on social media to read about the exposures of hypocrisy that you are discussing, but I still struggle with my own noticing and judging of people that I consider to be hypocritical or worse. The resolutions you offer are useful in that regard.

Another issue that might be useful to consider is what folks are beginning to call inviting in rather than calling out. When someone is doing things that I feel are wrong if I want to try to change them, I'd want to know if they share a value that would oppose the things that I believe they're doing wrong, and if so, invite them in to a better practice of their own value. There's a lot on the internet especially from people of color inviting white people to break away from racism instead of just calling them out for all their microaggressions.

It doesn't mean letting the people who are doing things that seem wrong off the hook, but what it does allow is to strengthen both the relationship and the emphasis on values and integrity in both people.

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