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This was such a relevant article for me and what appropriate timing at that! As I began to share with some acquaintances that I have just started an entrepreneurship in the financial industry to add to my current holistic health coaching, and invited them to learn more if they chose to, I have encountered individuals who have been critical about my decision and made incorrect assumptions about the opportunity and have verbally made their opinions known. Hiding behind the guise of “I’m just concerned about your being taken for a ride,” they were really implying that I was trying to take them for a ride. I have learned long ago that when people say things that sound like they’re accusing you, it really isn’t that. It’s more about themselves. We see things the way we are, not as they really are. So now, when I hear something that triggers me, I will repeat their statement to make sure I heard it correctly and then I will ask them what their experience has been and why they believed what they just said. I will even go further and ask them to be more specific with their explanation. This method of questioning allows the person to expand on the initial statement and gives the listener more clarity. This can be a challenge if the original statement was not directed towards you or if you forget and react instead of respond to the statement. I have used many of your suggestions over time to cultivate better relationships as communication is vital in developing and maintaining a trusting rapport. Thank you for sharing such awesome strategies.

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